Welcome to JulesEvans.net!

Yo, my name is Jules Evans.  In recent times I’ve become very interested in the topic of health. I spent a lot of time reading a lot of interesting books and watching times of medical documentaries. I can’t lie, I even watched E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy. That’s how into this I am, and why I didn’t mind contributing to other sites. I am devouring everything I could find on the topic of health. But there is a peculiar thing about me. I can’t just read something and then keep it all to myself. If I learned something I want to share with everybody I know. But it gets tiring telling the same old information to many people over and over. So I’ve done is I’ve created this website that will let me house all of the cool website to find in all of the special information that I come across in my journey across the Internet.

What’s really cool about health is that it’s not just about your body is not just about medicine. People seem to think that, but they don’t realize that exercise also involves mind, eating correctly also involves the power of will, which is psychological. In yearning for something greater and better and healthier than all of us is actually spiritual. In every keep our emotions in check then our actions will follow suit and we will ultimately healthier lives. We can live longer, we can have greater enjoyment, everything teaches to our friends and loved ones.

strength healthI don’t know about you, but I have two little ones driving around. I want them to understand the importance of not drinking and driving. That’s why I am including all of these sites here. I also want them to understand the importance of making sure they eat properly or at least take a multivitamin and other supplements, which is why I shared with them through e-mail the school website I found at this site that talks about working out, eating right, and feeding her muscles enough protein to keep our bodies nice and strong. Another good one is www.fitnessinsane.com that talks about some of the same stuff.  I buy them all sunglasses constantly, even though they break them, because I want them to preserve their eyesight.

I’m going to keep scouring the Internet for more information including it here on this website so please check back frequently as I continue to grow the site in size. I just found a pretty cool site about a bipolar test, which is funny because I have some bipolar running in my family and also a little schizophrenia here and there..  Maybe I should take it?  Feel free to contact me if you want. I know I missed some things or might even get something wrong so just hit me up and let me know. Until next time, peace.